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Dear Customers:

The Sign Post, Inc. has serviced the real estate industry in Northern Virginia and the Metropolitan area since 1984. Now after 35 years, we are pleased to announce that The Sign Post, Inc. will merge with LJS & Associates, a well-known and respected company. They have provided sign posts services in the metro area since 1978.

The merger will be effective January 1, 2020. After December 31, 2019, all orders for installations, removals and service calls should be placed on the LJS website, www.ljssigns.com. The website provides an excellent view of new and expanded services that are available. TO RECEIVE YOUR LOGIN INFORMATION, PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO SUPPORT@LJSSIGNS.COM and enter in the subject line LOGIN INFORMATION. To facilitate processing your orders. We will transfer your company information to their encrypted website.

Payment for all services provided through December 31, 2019 should be made to The Sign Post, Inc. LJS & Associates will invoice for all services, thereafter. Credit card customers can enter their information on the LJS website when they place their first order, and/or, LJS will call to obtain the information when your first order is placed.

It has been a privilege to serve you over the years.


Harry O. Collins, Jr.
Gordon W. "Pat" Patterson
Vice President
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